Dream of a slightly spicier life!

          Plants have been used for many generations in many countries to treat and prevent disease. Do you know about their benefits? Here is a little guide that will allow you to spice up your dishes while taking care of your body, because a healthy body rhymes with healthy mind!

Cinnamon: it is one of the most recognized spices, perfect for lifting your dishes and desserts, it also improves digestion and stomach aches. On the other hand, it would also have benefits on memory, and it can be useful to find your keys or avoid returning three times to the market to prepare your favorite dish! (Little secret more, cinnamon would be an aphrodisiac in men…)

Examples of cinnamon dishes: crumble, Tatin pie, cinnamon chicken, or eggplant cream.

Cayenne pepper: its analgesic properties make it an excellent remedy against pain and especially on arthritis and osteoarthritis. It also strengthens blood vessels thanks to its strong vitamin A and B composition. If this is too spicy for you, it will at least give you the strength to dance!

Examples of cayenne pepper dishes: couscous, sausage rougail, or American-style stocking.

Turmeric: Used in traditional medicines, turmeric would be a good way to fight colds or liver diseases, such as jaundice. Its Chinese name translates as "yellow ginger." It's a good anti-inflammatory. It also prevents cancer. In short, it has many medicinal properties but be careful, do not ingest more than 2 grams per day and should not be associated with anticoagulants. Its warming effects are also not recommended for postmenopausal women. But it would take a complete article to describe all the benefits.

Examples of dishes: tandoori chicken, cod with white wine sauce and turmeric, and/or, your choice, the famous Caledonian cake

Clove: Fear of wrinkles? This antioxidant fights against aging! But this is far from his only benefit! Indeed, its antifungal and anti-infective properties make it a good germicide. It also allows for better healing. If you're just sick or want to avoid it, nail it up!

Examples of clove dishes: lemon gingerbread, chicken curry (curry is made of cloves), or the delicious orange duck.

Cardamom: used in ancient Rome for digestive problems, in ancient Egypt to whiten teeth, in India for kidney stones and asthma it is indeed our most international spice! Rumor has it that it even decreases premenstrual symptoms!

Examples of dishes with cardamom: Panna cotta, crumble of mirabelles with spices, or if the sun wishes to make an appearance, a cardamom sorbet.

You will have understood the spices allow to spice up your dishes while taking care of your health! So go for spicy dishes and sauces!

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