Our secret lemonade House!


   The goods made of lemonade are so many, where to start?

The lemonade makes it possible to rehydrate during the hot heats or a workout too intense. This way you will have a loss of minerals and an excessively high acidity. Lemon water effectively regulates its pH level but also helps the kidneys to function properly in order to eliminate the bad toxins from your body.

Many are its other benefits on arterial hypertensions, reduction of silent inflammation, and promotes transit, avoids cramps among other things.

It is given more characteristics somewhat more "aesthetic". In fact, lemon water will allow, by its antioxidant properties and its vitamin C content, to fight against ageing and to promote weight loss.

If you want more information, very interesting medical articles exist on the subject. For the time being, we are here to reveal the secret of our personal homemade lemonade recipe!

For a classic lemonade, squeeze three lemons and add two tablespoons of brown sugar and water.

But it is also possible to vary this recipe, and those with other fruits. With raspberries, you can crush and add to a lemon, water and sugar always. This is possible with other fruits according to your tastes.

In these sunny days there is no better drinks for health and also refreshing. And if you prefer to enjoy this drink with other people in the Sun, you can always come and taste ours in the restaurant the forks la cantine or we will be delighted to welcome you!

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